Oasys Oral/Nasal Airway System™

The OASYS Oral/Nasal Airway System is the first dental device to be reviewed by both the Dental and ENT divisions of the FDA and to be approved as a dental device for treatment of snoring and sleep apnea through mandibular repositioning as well as a nasal dilator for reduction of nasal resistance and improved nasal breathing.



  • Mandibular Repositioning

    - Repositions the mandible forward which brings the base of the tongue forward, opening the oropharynx and strengthening the upper airway. This results in greater resistance to airway collapse. By holding against the front teeth it uses the proprioceptive stimulation of the dentition to encourage the mandible to reposition in a gentle way.

  • Nasal Dilation

    - Accomplishes dramatic nasal opening by means of the "nasal buttons" that extend off the upper shield that applies a stretch to the inner nasal structure from within the mouth. Our research shows an increase of 14% volume in the nasal valve which can represent a 48% increase in airflow and reduction in resistance of the nasal passage by one half.

  • Adjustability

    - Easily adjusted to position the mandible in the most effective forward posture. Simply moving the lower base segment forward to slide the connecting wire through the tube and locking the stop collar back down to the new position, the OASYS is now ready to wear.

  • Maximum Intraoral Volume

    - Accomplishes dual action of mandibular repositioning and nasal dilation while maintaining maximum intraoral space for the tongue. It even has an opening between the front teeth to invite the tongue forward so that the base of the tongue is brought forward and the oropharynx is maximally opened.

  • Reduction of Forces on Teeth

    - Comes with an upper splint that distributes the forces of repositioning throughout the entire upper arch and provides a cushion for the upper component. The OASYS Oral/Nasal/Airway SystemTM has a natural flexibility of the connecting wire that will "give" in response to retrusive movements of the mandible.

  • Freedom of Movement

    - Fixed solely to the lower arch. This creates a freedom of motion by allowing movement of the mandible in all directions without locking onto the upper arch.

Oasys Oral/Nasal Airway System™

The OASYS Oral / Nasal Airway System was invented by Mark E. Abramson, DDS from Redwood City, California. It is cleared as a 510 K Medical Device by the ENT and Dental Divisions of the FDA: (1) As a Mandibular Repositioner for treatment of Snoring and Sleep Apnea and (2) As a Nasal Dilator for improved breathing through the nose. The OASYS treats the upper airway by pulling the lower jaw and tongue forward to pre- vent the tongue from blocking airflow and strengthening the throat against collapse. It also treats sleep disordered breathing by addressing upper airway resistance in the nasal region. The Anterior Labial Shield of the OASYS is used for modifying the position of your lower jaw, with advancement of 6-15mm. It slides on parallel bars for easy adjustment, by loosening and tightening the OASYS Locks with the Hex Wrench.