Who we are:

Diamond Orthotic Laboratory (DOL) is a specialized laboratory that offers a full line of orthotics and digital solutions to treat patients with chronic and acute orofacial/craniofacial pain and sleep breathing disorders. Our foundation was built upon quality, accuracy, and providing our clients with a consistent pathway to better assist their patient’s needs.


We are proudly based in San Diego, California and globally recognized as the epicenter for the development and fabrication of functional TMJ orthotics, Ortho, and FDA approved sleep apnea appliances. Our experienced team of dental technicians are at the forefront of digital innovation; using state-of-the-art technology (digital scanning and printing, CAD design, and computerized articulation) collaborating with international experts in the field, and actively engaging in continuing education allows us to be the premier lab for all your appliance needs.


As a team, our mission is to make a positive impact in the growing field of TMD and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) by partnering with dental physicians in providing alternative solutions to a pain free and healthier way of life. At DOL, your complete satisfaction is our number one priority. Through innovation, attention to detail and exemplary customer service, our team of laboratory professionals share your compassion and are ready to assist you in achieving your goals.


Where To Find Us:

7859 El Cajon Blvd. Suite A
La Mesa, CA 91942
(619) 724-6400